This Coaching is perfect for Senior Leadership and Management Roles.

Dr. Dayan helps these leaders create safe, structured, and trusting environments for those they work with.

As a qualified executive coach, he understands the responsibilities and expectations that come with these types of roles. He also understands the drive and goals that many of these individuals are looking to achieve in their lives.

You’ll Learn Things Like

Goal Setting

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, Dr. Dayan will work with you to help identify the most important goals in your life and help you gain clarity and perspective so you can achieve those goals.


Getting the perspective, you need to properly transition and achieve the goals you have been reaching for is essential to success. This insight allows you to transition from your current state to the desired state you have been pushing towards.

Gaining Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a crucial factor for being able to understand yourself and your abilities better. Once we have a deeper understanding of these factors, we can develop a more precise plan of action to attain those goals that didn’t seem possible before.

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